Forex Compliance

Protect your Forex brokerage by maintaining full compliance on the latest international regulations.

Lancaster Forex Compliance

Access clear and concise data from all execution venues and data streams. Stay constantly up to date with ever-changing compliance rulings and automate manual tasks. 

Get access to Lancaster Systems and connect to a real-time risk management suite that removes the burden from forex brokerage compliance.

All trade data in one repository

Complete record keeping

Constant regulation updates

Single Trade Repository

Utilise a single powerful unified repository that collects all data from trade and execution venues to give you peace of mind that no data is overlooked or misplaced. Watch as administration time lowers and admin efforts are reduced thanks to the easy adoption of a single tool.
Single Trade Repository and Unified Systems
Complete Record Keeping and Transparency

Complete Record Keeping & Transparency

Brokerage back office teams can now digest big data across all sources, such as MT4/MT5 trade servers and liquidity provider execution reports. With a complete record keeping system, all required details can be easily compiled for export when requested by auditors.
Complete record keeping and transparency

Continuous Regulation Updates

International regulations updates require brokers to continuously focus on reporting and data standards. With Lancaster, brokerages connect to a continuously updated reporting platform that enables back office teams to build reports that help maintain compliance with the latest industry regulations such as MiFID II and other international frameworks.

Constant regulation updates

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