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Rest easy and protect your business 24/7

Security Alerts and Risk Management

Protect your profits with Lancaster, your central tool to manage your risk desk. Gain immediate visibility to margin, exposure and P&L. Set up tiered access rights, automated restrictions and 24/7 alert notifications to help your business stay secure.

Get access to Lancaster Systems and connect to a real-time risk management suite that protects brokerage profits.

Automated alerting

Central dashboard

Rule-based processing

Auto Alerts and Notifications

Rest easy while you sleep. Keep a 24/7 watchful eye on your business profits with the Lancaster automated security protocols that protect your business from anomalous behaviour and invalid system access. Create custom rule-based alerts and order processing restrictions, while simultaneously sending mobile notifications to your teams to remedy the situation.
Auto alerts and notifications
Central risk management

Central Risk Management Dashboard

Lancaster enables your team to make faster and more profitable decisions under pressure.  Use one central dashboard to monitor all your processing activities. Access live data streams, run historical analysis and constantly stay informed on margin, exposure, P&L and many other key business criteria. Protect your future interests, use the simulation engine to preempt, identify and handle any potentially toxic activities.
Central risk management

Rule-based processing

Automatically review which trade orders should be passed or warehoused and with what mark up. Block out malicious intent with strong password access, specific user groups and system access tiers. Use automated rules to remove employee fat finger error by using the on-screen popup notifications and team approval mechanisms.

Rule based processing

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