Lancaster Liquidity Bridge

Universal Forex liquidity bridge with built-in aggregation.
Universal Systems Compatibility

Easy liquidity bridge setup and real-time rule management

Simple remote installation procedure to get your bridge running smoothly. Live control panel with multi-user permission control.

Liquidity bridge a/b-book control

Advanced A/B-book risk settings and granular markup options

Get granular control over markups, set manual time delays and simplify A/B-book management with custom risk profiling. No resets needed.

Aggregator of best bid and offer

Liquidity provider (LP) aggregation and auto-failover

Auto-aggregation and full market depth in one interface. Fill orders systematically and benefit from instant LP failover mechanics.



Aggregated pricing feed across multiple LPs


Real time A/B book profile switching


Automatic aggregated LP fail-over rules


Extensive pre-connected LP network


Set granular markups and see full markup revenues


Automatic health monitoring and alerting

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