Forex Compliance

Tick all the boxes, remove compliance burdens.
Auto reporting

Automated reporting systems

Set it and forget it style reporting. Once set up, the compliance reporting mechanisms run effortlessly in the background processing reports so you don’t have to. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and you can focus on making more profit.

Integrated workflows

No need to change your current workflows. Our fully integrated compliance system enables open-ended connections so that your current business processes are not affected. We pick up the slack and ensure the data is recorded as needed.

Full user permission mechanics

Maintain logs and action trails for all user interactions with the system. Set specific access rights and review rights instantly without requiring scheduled updates or resets.



Compliance checks can be actioned by sanctioned users


Complete audit history and action logs


Rule based restricted trading lists


Custom created approval protocols and user workflows


No need for manual rule updates


Password enforcement

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Forex Compliance

Increase Security

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