Automated Risk Management

Intelligent automations that strengthen your middle office to make more profitable risk decisions.

Automated Forex Risk Management

Stay ahead of constantly changing trader behaviour and protect your brokerage by automatically switching between A/B-Book trades. Set rules with micro trade characteristics and utilise big data analytics to always be prepared for constantly evolving trading patterns.

Get access to Lancaster Systems and connect to a real-time risk management suite that powers lightning fast reaction speeds to reduce brokerage risk.

Profitability simulations

Smart trade characteristics

Immediate reactions times

Simulated Environments

Use intelligent rule-based simulations to test strategies on real historical data to identify how to reduce risk but increase profits. Stay ahead of ever-changing customer behaviour, modify rules, create scenarios and test simulations to make more powerful automations for live flow processing.
Simulated test environments
Detailed parameter control

Detailed Parameter Control

Comprehensive algorithm parameters can be drilled down to even the most micro trade indicator characteristics.  Parameters such as timings, instruments, history, currency pairs and many other in-depth settings give complete control to brokerages of all sizes.

Brokers using MT4/MT5, other major trading platforms or liquidity providers can now set intelligent risk parameters to automate system controls for when to pass trades or take on calculated risk.

Detailed parameter control

Immediate Machine Intervention

With automated processing rules and algorithms processing dynamically behind the scenes, brokerages can rely on their systems to act immediately to custom scenarios and to remove human error.

Removing repetitive actions from their workflow, highly skilled middle and back office teams can focus on higher value actions to help your brokerage grow.

Immediate Machine Intervention

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